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Skola i Vårberg
Attribution: Kongha, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

- learning Zotonic CMS as you go.

As an Erlanger I have used the Erlang based Zotonic CMS for my company site. It has however been a bit of overkill to use it to present the two pages describing the "vast" services I provide to possible customers.

The Zotonic team, Marc Worrell et. al., has built quite a large ecosystem during the years and with version 1.0 around the corner I think it is very interesting to check out.

So when I read about the Swedish school system and the "mess we are in" I thought it could serve as a good test for mapping relations between schools, principals (private and municipal) and corporations. And also any private parties of interest since the school system attracts many actors in the range from entrepeneurs to pure rent seekers with lobbyists attached.

The site itself is here (Swedish) and code in github repository. It is running on a small Linux VPS, just 2 cores, 2 GB ram and 20 GB disk. I start low just to see how long the resources will last.

Currently I "bootstrapped" it with around 10000 school units and attached principals from the open API provided by

I hope to drop some articles on the technical part here as I go, like my firewall setup, geomaps (once I learn about it), pivots, facets and whatnot.