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Creado Systems - a small consulting company

We do all sorts of things

Well, actually we don't. And we are actually me, one person.

My name is Mikael Karlsson and I have been in programming business since the late 80s and as own contractor/consultant since the late 90s. During this time I have become what one can say is a general practitioner. A specialist in general programming and test with realtime systems as the main target but also REST-ful web services on the menu.

Starting with embedded systems programming in assembler and C/C++ going on to larger realtime systems in the communications sector with operating systems like OSE and GNU/Linux. Further on with Erlang based systems and test frameworks.

Last years have been dedicated to SIP-based Internet Media Gateway systems in the telecom sector. Before that to web based in-house applications for different purposes as aggregating large amounts of test data in realtime or administrating mobile IMSI number provisioning using the Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP (LAMP) stack.

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