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What's in a name? Well Creado is just a short combination of CREATE/DOES. A word pair from the Forth language. It can also be read as that the company owner has the ambition to be a creative doer.


Much ado about many things

My name is Mikael Karlsson and I have been in programming business since the late 80s and as own contractor/consultant since the late 90s. During this time I have become what one can say is a general practitioner. A specialist in general programming and test with realtime systems as the main target but also REST-ful web services on the menu.

Starting with embedded systems programming in assembler and C/C++ going on to larger realtime systems in the communications sector with operating systems like OSE and GNU/Linux. Further on with Erlang based systems and test frameworks.

Last years have been dedicated to web based in-house applications for different purposes as aggregating large amounts of test data in realtime or administrating mobile IMSI number provisioning using the Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP (LAMP) stack.

Going Forth

In the beginning of my programming life I did work on embedded systems programming. During this period I came across the Forth programming language and became quite fond of it.

Example, we can create a defining word called STRING:


The defining word will create an array of bytes, so:


will create an array thirty bytes in length. To access any byte in this array (the sixth in this example), we merely say:


See https://www.forth.com/starting-forth/11-forth-compiler-defining-words/ for a full explanation.


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